Stray dog saves baby: nature and nurture

Last night I drove through a neighborhood where I used to walk my dog and found myself in tears, missing her. I thought of Jack Nicholson in the movie As Good as It Gets, crying at the piano after Verdell the dog has gone, saying “over a dog!” and also of someone who gently told me about six months ago that we should allow ourselves to grieve over our animal companions. What blessings animals are in our lives, domestic or wild or wildly domestic. Here’s an article from May, 2005. Reminded me of other stories I’ve read of animals saving humans—from dogs to pigs to dolphins. How little we know of their majesty.

NAIROBI, Kenya—A newborn baby abandoned in a Kenyan forest was saved by a stray dog who apparently carried her across a busy road and through a barbed wire fence to a shed where the infant was discovered nestled with a litter of puppies, witnesses said Monday. The baby girl, named “Angel” by hospital workers, was clad in a tattered shirt and wrapped in a plastic bag when the dog found her Friday, according to Aggrey Mwalimu, owner of the shed where the baby was discovered in a poor neighborhood near the Ngong Forest in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The 7-pound, 4-ounce infant was taken to a hospital and “is doing well, responding to treatment. She is stable … she is on antibiotics,” said Hannah Gakuo, spokeswoman of the Kenyatta National Hospital… Doctors believe the baby had been abandoned about two days before the dog discovered her, said Gakuo, the hospital spokeswoman… The short-haired dog with light brown eyes has no name, residents said… by Rodrique Ngowi, Associated Press Writer, photo by Sayyid Azim/AP

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