The Fire of Your Own Inspiration

Emily Carson  January 23, 2008

“Begin with the glory that was always yours.  Begin with that fire, with the passion housed in your cells, with the inspiration you are made of.  Begin with that stamina which has sustained you all this time, the substance of that fire, the ground which has held you up and has kept you moving.  Your passion holds you to your purpose and without it you will not be bound there; without it you will flee the only thing you were meant to do, and you will want all the things you do not need, at the expense—the great expense—of your own meaningful life.

You need the fire of your own inspiration, you need that glory.  It was that fire that brought you here and it is that fire that will sustain you in right and meaningful action, in true and pure intention.  If you cannot find your passion for your own fearless living, then you cannot live fearlessly, you cannot rise in yourself to your own highest potential, manifesting the very pinnacle of what you have to give yourself.  You cannot live well without the fire of this inspiration.  You forget yourself without it; you forget what you love, you forget where you are going, you turn and follow side roads, you dwell in dead ends.

Bring your wanderings back home to your purpose; bring your strayings back to center.  Give yourself the chance to have what you want most dearly, the chance for a life that is yours, a life that matters to you, a life that feels full and rich and lived…”

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