Mind is a Myth

U.G.: …When you see all this for yourself for the first time, you explode. That explosion hits life at a point that has never been touched before. It is absolutely unique. So whatever I may be saying cannot be true for you. The moment you see it for yourself you make what I am saying obsolete and false. All that came before is negated in that fire. You can’t come into your own uniqueness unless the whole of human experience is thrown out of your system.  It cannot be done through any volition or the help of anything. Then you are on your own.
Q: It seems to me that a special sort of valor is necessary for what you are describing. Am I right?
U.G.: Yes. But it is not courage in the usual sense. It is not the courage you associate with struggle or overcoming. The valor I am talking about is the courage that is naturally there when all this authority and fear is thrown out of the system. Courage is not an instrument or quality you can use to get somewhere. The stopping of doing is courage. The ending of tradition in you is courage.

U.G., Mind is a Myth

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