Make of Your Life a Flame

Emily Carson
Make of Your Life a Flame

Blaze the path that burns for you. Light it up with your intention, your willingness, with your intensity. Don’t just flicker here—burn. You are not a light about to go out. You could be here resolutely, absolutely.  You could burn every step you take.  You tread too gingerly on this planet.  Scorch the earth where you walk.  Be the fire that lives in you.  You try not to offend, not to disrupt, not to upset, but for what?  So that you will look behind you one day and see no footsteps?  Leave a trace here: the earth can take it.  And your fellow humans, they can take it, too.  They may be bruised and scratched a bit by your vitality at work, but we all get knocked around a little bit.  It is still worth it.

Make of your life a flame. It will destroy things, but only those that are ready to go. Make of your language a torch. Let it light as well as burn. And make of your footfalls a purposeful path, a real and intended way.

Change all the places you walk by changing the way you walk. Change the people you see by the way you look at them, with your tongue and your words. Change the planet; it will only evolve. And I’m not saying you should intend this transformation; you should intend only your own intensity.  Whatever happens then is right.

Blaze your path. You are not living enough yet; your vitality is still squelched. Destroy everything in your way. Bless the earth that you scorch. Thank it for the chance to be alive, and leave it knowing it was there for you and you made the most of it.


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