Without Limits

From notes I took on the film Without Limits (1998), about the runner Steve Prefontaine, screenplay by Robert Towne and Kenny Moore.

Steve Prefontaine: “It’s the hardest thing in the world to believe in something—if you do, it’s a miracle.”

(I’d add: sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to believe in yourself, and your dreams.)

Prefontaine: “There’s always someone trying to talk you out of what you believe in—anyone, everyone, your own mother… all I know is that if you do believe in something, you tend to make people very, very nervous.”

Prefontaine: You & Barbara, do you believe in the same things?
Bowerman (his coach): I have no idea….
Prefontainte: How do you get along so well?
Bowerman: Well, I don’t have to know what she believes in. I believe in her.


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