because it’s just a moment…

Michael Lutin is an astrologer, perhaps most prominently for Vanity Fair magazine. Smart, funny and very perceptive guy.  He wrote the following for some recent transit, during which…

…it takes effort to remain upbeat and positive
…some people get down
they feel trapped by their own commitments
reality interferes with their dreams
relationships seem boring or unfulfilling
could be a million reasons
to feel worried or hopeless
or beset with problems that have no resolution
the balance can easily be tipped to the dark side
if you start feeling that
here you are up against the same old problems
and no matter how cheery you try to be
the old demons are right there
with their nagging, critical voices to tear down your hopes
and destroy your dreams
and hold you back
egos are easily bruised
so these are moments when
you absolutely have to rely on your inner life
to restore your sense of balance
continue functioning at a high level
even a bit lifelessly,
your tasks
to the highest ability you have
be it personal or professional

it’s just a moment
and when it’s over
all you will be left with
is how you handled the moment
and it is such a moment.


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